Terms & Conditions

Effective as of November 2018


Employee Agreement

By signing into the portal you acknowledge that you have read and understand the WorkNow! Inc. Conditions of Employment and the additional terms and conditions and will abide by this agreement.


Client Verification and Agreement

By approving timesheets you certify the hours shown are correct and authorize payment. Please note: Hours over 40 will be billed at 1.5 times the specified rate. By signing into the portal you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions of the WorkNow! Inc. Letter of Agreement and agree to abide by them.



The Client

  • The approval of this timesheet is an acknowledgement that WorkNow! Inc. has incurred substantial recruitment, screening, administrative and marketing expenses in providing the services of the temporary employee.
  • The client shall not hire directly or indirectly, or use the services of the field employee within (1) year after the end of assignment.


Client hires or otherwise uses the services of the employee, then the Client will notify WorkNow! Inc. and either a) continue the temporary assignment of such employee, for a the total of 720 hours or 90 working days, and pay for his or her services under the same terms and conditions as presently provided, or b) pay a percentage of the yearly salary. This amount will be prorated for days worked.


The person approving certifies on behalf of himself or herself and the Client that (1)he or she is authorized to approve on behalf of the Client; (2) that the hours worked and the information listed are correct; (3) the services of the employee identified were satisfactory; (4) the client has not and will not entrust WorkNow! Inc.’s temporary employees to operate machinery or motor vehicles without prior written permission from WorkNow! Inc.; (5) WorkNow! Inc. is not responsible to client or others for claims made under its fidelity bond, unless such clients are reported to WorkNow! Inc. in writing by the Client within thirty (30) days after occurrence; and, (6) Client will indemnify WorkNow! Inc. from claims or liabilities pursuant to the Occupational Safety and Health Act governing the premises owned or controlled by Client and to which WorkNow! Inc. field employees are assigned to perform services in or are present in.


The Client recognizes that WorkNow! Inc. has an employer/employee relationship with temporary personnel assigned to the Client and agrees to discuss all matters concerning their employment, job assignments and, pay procedures, etc., with WorkNow! Inc..  The Client agrees to pay interest at the rate of 2.5% per week on charges remaining unpaid sixty (60) days from date of issue, reasonable attorney’s fees, and expenses of collection if WorkNow! Inc. engages an attorney to enforce payment of any charges incurred.